A tip when strength training for your sport

Glen TBG

11 Dec 2015
Just from my personal observation. There is something that some athletes seem to forget when strength training for their sport. This is a tip that I would like to share, as an athlete and coach.

When strength training for your sport, you don't necessarily have to push your muscles to complete failure and rely on soreness everytime you strength train - the idea of strength training for your sport is to just do what is necessary that will carry over to the movements that you want to improve power on, etc.

So there's no need to go overboard with lifting heavy almost everyday for multiple sets for example, and there's no need for burn out, soreness, fatigue - just aim to increase the resistance of the needed exercises specific to your strength goal for your sport, etc - as long as you achieve what you want to get out of it, that's it.

Yours truly, Glen
Strength & Conditioning / Fitness Coach