About creating sub-forums


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20 Jul 2011
I have browsed through the discussion sub-forums (namely those under the 'Training Forum') and have noticed that there are too many threads that contain articles/references from sources that can be easily found via the net. Not that i don't appreciate it, in fact, i applaud the effort the founding members have taken to gather all that material.

However, i'm pretty sure it'd be easier for everyone if these articles were sorted out and placed into a different sub-forum, for e.g., GymKaki -> Training -> Workout Routines - Articles/Best-of/Educational or what not.

The fact that such articles are placed under a discussion forum might just discourage any actual discussion from taking place, and since such articles are pretty much timeless, it may be better to archive them elsewhere than to have them be moved down into older pages when more members do come in and post their own threads.