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    I am an NCSF Certified and Australian Cert III & IV personal trainer with extensive experience in the fitness industry in Australia. With a proven track record of results using scientific techniques and research based on clinical studies, I can help you transform your physique and change your life!

    My area of expertise? Muscle building for underweight guys/hard gainers (ectomorph males) looking to add mass, size and create a balanced, aesthetic physique. I also have extensive knowledge on effective means of fat loss for women who want to lose weight, trim down and gain superior conditioning overall.

    As I will be new to the Singapore fitness industry, I am only taking on a handful of clients at this time, so you will be receiving my full undivided attention. You will also receive diet plans, fully tailored program and around the clock guidance. I am also offering large initial discounts to commence this new chapter of fitness in the Lion City!

    So of you are interested in joining me to become an elite athlete or simply to just look and feel better, please email me at or text me on 8401 2857.

    Stay shredded guys!

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    Hey, what are your rates?

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