Sold AF Unlimited Membership fixed 78 per MTH at ALL OUTLETS


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5 Oct 2020
Gym Membership: AF Unlimited Membership 78 per MTH

Gym Membership Valid Till: LIFETIME

Description: My 6years AF membership has no more contract with fixed $78/mth at ANY AF gym outlet. There will be a transfer fee of $100 if you would like to buy over!

As this is not under a contract, you can use it till whenever you like and terminate it with just a month notice as per the gym normal requirement.

i previously paid for the gym key so am requesting for an additional $100 for such a good deal (UNLIMITED).

Therefore, if you are buying over, you need to pay $100 to the gym for name transfer and $100 to me for the key and the $78/mth unlimited membership WILL BE ALL YOURS!

Drop me a DM for more details :)

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