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    Surfing the internet and reading a lot of articles on bodybuilding can never erase the fact that you would need a trainer. Likewise, hitting the gym, lifting weight and doing all sorts of cardiovascular exercises without a professional trainer may not yield the best result you expected. And that is when frustration sets in. It would be like you going to a hospital and attempting to perform surgery on yourself, and you would get it all wrong.
    It is essential for you to know certain things that will help you in achieving the best results. Besides the training aspect, your nutrition also plays a huge role. What to eat and what not to eat and when to eat what are parts of the reasons why you need a trainer.
    Why You Need a Trainer?
    1. If you are not getting the desired results despite all your efforts, you need a trainer to give you an integrated approach as regards how to train, flexible dieting, cardio, and positive mental attitude.
    2. You don’t start an exercise without knowing how to go about it; it can stifle your results. A trainer will teach you the appropriate technique to execute each form of an exercise correctly.
    3. Muscular failure? You may not have heard of that before. A trainer will tell you what it means, how it is beneficial or otherwise to your bodybuilding because muscular failure can increase injury risks among others for you as a beginner.
    4. Overtraining can make you lose fitness and strength, and there are times you would be overtraining, but you may not know if you are not accustomed to the signs that come with overtraining unless a trainer is there to put you through.
    5. In the course of your bodybuilding, there are times you need to shock the muscle to induce more growth of the muscle, and there are thousands of techniques to do that, but you need to know which one works best for you, a trainer comes in here.
    6. Also, there are different types of reps and sets schemes for power, hypertrophy, and endurance which enhance the reason why you should get a trainer.
    7. There are isolation and compound exercises. You need to know the purpose of both and how they can be inculcated into your bodybuilding.
    8. You need a trainer to guide through the full range of motion of each exercise as well as the different types of body part grouping like upper body/ push-pull/antagonist.
    Result Based.
    The primary purpose of you hiring a trainer is to achieve the results you would not have obtained on your own. Your trainer in his expertise knows how to devise a workout strategy that will be suitable for you and help you overcome roadblocks. Working with a trainer will
    1. There is an assurance of working on the targeted parts of your body.
    2. You will notice changes such as improvement of personal strength which would also be seen by others.

    3. The proper diet that should be taken will be explained, i.e., foods to eat and to be avoided.
    4. Another beautiful result of having a trainer is that the training will be tailored towards your personal growth.
    5. Aesthetic, power, muscle building or fat loss.
    6. You will feel an increase in energy even when you are not training
    What Do You need During Training?
    1. You need a notebook and a pen because you may need to take down some important points.
    2. You need to be positive and dedicated to the training. This would go a long way in getting the best result, do not allow your emotions to take centre stage.
    3. You need personal training outfit that will be comfortable for you and a bottle, preferably with protein powder.

    Where is the training conducted?
    It could be in any
    1. Anytime Fitness gym
    2. Active SG gym
    3. Any private gym.
    How is the training conducted?
    Each training duration will last for 90 minutes
    The training will involve a laid out guidelines for the entire workout program
    Each exercise technique and how to correct them will be adequately discussed with the clients
    Video taking of each exercise is recommended for references purpose
    Training charges will be $35 per person or $65 for group exercises for a maximum of 3 people. (Per Session Pricing)
    Each client that refer a person would be given $10 off the next training session
    Each training lesson will be conducted with a focus on a specific theory and practical exercise.
    Benefits of having a Trainer
    The benefits of having a trainer outweigh not having one to guide you and this include:

    1. You may get frustrated and discouraged along the line, it the duty of your trainer (if you have one) to keep you motivated, inspired and support you to achieve your fitness goal.
    2. Your trainer will help you to select the right equipment for each exercise technique and how to use them to get the best result.
    3. Your trainer will coach you on how to perform an exercise, and with time you will be able to do them correctly on your own in the home or the gym.
    4. Having a trainer will help improve your self-confidence, thereby boosting your self-esteem.

    Who is the training for?
    The training is for you if you belong to this category of people
    1. If you are starting out as a beginner with no experience in weightlifting
    2. If you are an intermediate lifter with 1 to 3 years’ experience as a lifter
    3. If you want to burn off that ugly fat and reduce your body weight
    4. If you're going to grow more muscle mass
    5. If you need to increase you overall strength

    How to contact me?
    You can send me a private message from here directly or
    Through my email @
    You can also send me a message on WhatsApp @ 9148 0394 or Call me on 9148 0394
    You can also check out my FB page @

    The journey to a well-shaped and fit body and a healthier lifestyle cannot be achieved on you. Don't forget reading articles online does equate to having a trainer on the ground to guide you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    You are only limited by the limitation you put on yourself. Brave up and be in charge of your life. You have every right to live a healthier life but it all depends on your decision. Make the right choice now. See you on the other side.
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    Hi guys, I will be conducting a group training session tomorrow 2.9.18 @ 1000hrs at Woodlands active sg.

    Things that will be covered during the training is

    - basic techniques for lifting
    - tempo, rest, sets
    - basic compoind movement
    - progressive overload
    - training till failure

    It will be a 90 min session.
    Minimum pax is 5
    Fees for the session is $20 per pax
    Please make payment to 015-45268-4 posb savings to confirm your slot :)
    Body fat measurement will be taken too.
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    Hi guys there is still some slot left for those keen and interested.

    Limited availability based on first come first serve.

    Do hit me up if you are keen and commited.

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