WTS Amore Fitness Membership (valid till 10 Jul 2020)

Discussion in 'Gym Membership Singapore' started by VivienChang, 4 Jul 2018.

  1. VivienChang

    VivienChang New Member

    Gym: Amore Fitness Membership
    Membership valid till: 10 Jul 2020

    Amore Fitness Unlimited Membership
    Purchase date: 9 July 2017
    Expiry: 10 July 2020
    36 months unlimited membership, with access to all Amore Fitness branches in Singapore.
    Unlimited access to the gym and also the classes conducted
    Selling at $90 per month (purchased at $108 per month)
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  2. ellhxs

    ellhxs New Member

    Hi, i'm interested if it is on a monthly payment basis. Drop me a PM on more details pls.
  3. Ella

    Ella Member

    Hi able to transfer you monthly
  4. xhannahong

    xhannahong Member

    Hi! I’m very keen and ready to take over the membership. Can you contact me at hannahong92@gmail.com? Thanks
  5. shuijingx

    shuijingx New Member

    Hi! I'm keen to take over the membership lmk if its still avail! You can PM me/ email me @ crystal.chongyt@hotmail.com Thanks a lot!!
  6. VivienChang

    VivienChang New Member

    Hi so sorry I just checked with Amore and found out they don't allow transfer of membership:(
  7. Aprylw

    Aprylw Member

    Usually they do! There is a transfer fee of around 170, and also, another "member fee" of around 170 on top of transfer fee.
    I'm already a member there, but gym access recently came to an end. D:
    Please contact me at eight one 639420 if you're still selling :D
  8. VivienChang

    VivienChang New Member

    Hi how do you know about these fees? How should I go about with the process? Care to share please, thank you!
  9. Aprylw

    Aprylw Member

    Hi Vivien!

    I'm not super sure, but that's how I tried Amore gym, through transfer from another! We had to go to the gym the previous lady signed up at. :)
    Can try to phone your original gym! :)
  10. VivienChang

    VivienChang New Member

    Hi thanks for your reply. I did phone the original gym but the manager was very strict about transferring. She brought up the contract signed and there was indeed a clause that says no transferring unless with a valid reason. :(
  11. Nlp

    Nlp New Member


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