Another Home (The 'Other' National Day Video)


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4 Jul 2011
the video is really good man. almost everything is a talking point for singaporeans.. the speedo crescent, leticias carrying bag, tin tin, etc..


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8 Jun 2011
The ‘Other’ National Day Video | The Online Citizen

The Online Citizen (TOC): What is The Other National Day 2011 Video all about? *What inspired you to create and produce this video?

Jeremy Sing (JS): The idea of making a National Day music video was born out of an attempt to do another one of our many film-community outreach activities, since SINdie is supposed to be a champion for local filmmakers and talent. But underneath that rationale was also really us itching to have some fun and give our annual National Day songs and videos a fresh daring twist!*After 46 years of nation-building, We feel we should be mature enough to laugh at ourselves as we say ‘Happy Birthday Singapore!’.*Singapore in the past year has been nothing short of dramatic in terms of the social and political happenings. Month after month, we had things to make us laugh, cry and comment about. The peak of this was seen in GE 2011 when many average Singaporeans stood up to contribute to the political rhetoric. It is almost like saying after seeing how Singaporeans have proven themselves to more politically engaged than we thought, this National Day cannot be the same again. So the video was our little contribution to a nation that’s awakened a little from political apathy. After what happened at GE 2011, this National Day cannot be the same again, we decided to make it different.

TOC: Any interesting incidents while shooting?

JS: Of course, we hope the interesting things that happened are actually within the video itself. But there were some. Our pro-democracy bear (whose name is not Danny), won a number of kid fans everywhere he appeared. Maybe next time, he should appear together with Danny whom I heard has a huge fan club.*Also, when Mint Leong (who played a certain feet-stomping MP) and the crew went to a HDB neighbourhood, with a garland of orchids around her neck, some of the uncles came forward to ask if the real Ms Tin was doing her rounds. It was at Race Course Road, still quite close to Macpherson la!