Any ectomorph here ? Or have buff up?


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1 Oct 2011
I am one. I would say doing compound exercises and taking excessive amounts of calories helped me put on the most amount of mass in the shortest time.


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20 Oct 2013
Singapore, Singapore
But what are the best food ? I take in large amount of food but end up with large amount of body fat too. So what are the best food with least fat?


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7 Jun 2011
I am one. I would say doing compound exercises and taking excessive amounts of calories helped me put on the most amount of mass in the shortest time.
^ Can't agree more. For the bulking routine, heavy deadlifts of 5 reps brought me the most visible gains. Just kept adding weights to the deadlift week after week.


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22 Nov 2013
First, I would suggest you to work on your diet. Caltulate your daily caloric need and add 500 for the beginning. Then monitor your results, if over 2 weeks there is no gains, add some 200 more or do the opposite if you gain too much fat over this time. Also I would suggest to with 40% protein or if it helps make sure your protein intake is somewhere between 1.5 - 2.2 grams per each kilogram of your lean body mass.

Now, about workouts. First, go with compound excercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press, military press and try not to do isolation excercises. The second thing is you shouldn't workout too long and too intensively. If you see other guys doing supersets and dropsets, you stay with heavy stuff and take your time to recover between sets. 3-5 minutes on the mass excercises like deadlift and 2-3 minutes between military presses, standing biceps curls so on.

I had a client recently, he was an ectomorf. Developed him similair stategy and he had awesome gains.

Hope it helps.
22 Nov 2013
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8 Jun 2011
i dont follow any fixed log when bulking so cant really give like a nice food log. generally when bulking i try hit 3000-3500 cals a day. spammed rice and everything else upsized. like 2-3 bowls of rice, more meat, more veg, more everything. lol. usually after heavy lifting or a intense short run, ur appetite can go thru the roof. between meals go drink stuff like 1L of nutrisoy or milk, etc. All these adds up significantly to ur calories per day.. dont need to buy mass gainer, just go natural man


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19 May 2014
Am an Ecto. Trying weights since sept 2013. 179cm / 67 kg then. hit 68kg within 1-2months and stayed that way since.

first 3 months, did 5-6 day workout, neglected legs, DL, squats etc.
Diet" dropped rice input by 60%, had steamed potatoes, brocolli, chicken breast, salmon, mushrooms, 6 day /meal diet, a couple of half-cheat meals a week
Nutrition: Started with Creatine, then Caesin, put of Whey for a long time as had v bad gas before with Whey ~10 years ago.
Results: Upper body strength up by 25%, waist dropped by 1.5". Not happy with gains

Next 3-4 months, :
Diet: whacked heavy suppers, tried heavier breakfasts,
Nutrition, continued with Creatine (went for the creatine cycling), had Whey Isolates every morning (body cmi, will have the runs within 3 hrs upon a scoop (still haven't solved this).
Weights: dropped running from 3 times a week (5-10k runs), to 1X a week (~4k), lifting just 3-4 times a week, heavy on compound (80%) , go for 'full body' workout' every session.
Gains: another 10-20% stronger, and see/feel the gains. weight still stubborn at 68kg, waist as up 1" or so.

Current diet:
Cutting carbs from supper, having chicken instead. Going on 4L milk, 4 chickens, 2kg salmon a week. 1 scoop caeasin / 10mg creatine / day. Whey on moderation.

I think compound helps, 'full body' workout also helps as the central nervous system doesn't gets screwed. Knowing which foods can be absorbed at what time of the day also helps.
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