Any tips for my workout routine?


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11 Jan 2012
Hey guys anyway I can train/tone my muscles without gym?
I'm not interested in getting to the gym nor using any fancy equipments.
I'm also taking Whey protein shake(Just started) to aid in my workout.

Currently I'm trying static exercise routine to boost my muscles but I'm not sure if it works long-term. And I don't have alot of time to train too.

Crunches - 15 reps x 3sets
Push-ups - 15 reps x 3sets
Planking/Bridging - 1min x 9sets

NOTE : I'm a newbie starting out


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4 Jun 2011
May i know what are some of your goals? Eg bulk and buff up or getting a really ripped abs.

The approaches would also be relatively different depending on your body type.


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7 Jun 2011
Static exercises are good if you can keep the intensity really high. can do that by playing around with reps, rest between reps and variation of exercises. If you are sticking to static alone I suggest not forcing yourself to hit certain number of reps. The bad thing about allocating a rep to do for a certain exercise can result in you stopping when you can actually push even more.

And btw it'll be a good investment to buy a pull-up bar to install to one of the door frames at home. The pull up is one of the best back exercises.

I also don't believe in fancy equipment. The basic bar to do squats deadlifts and bench press is more than sufficient to build alot of strength and mass.

Since u do not have plenty of time, u can include some intense cardio into your routine. Cutting down on the "fat %" will increase your muscle definition and create a very toned look.

I suggest u try out smth called tabata sprints. It's a high intense cardio routine that is like 12-14mins but brutally effective. There is a thread on this here. Try the search function.


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14 Jul 2011
well, first things first. if you're only going to be doing body weight exercises, it will be extremely difficult to reach a certain body mass.

that being said however, you can look up several sources such as Ross Enamait, beastskills, as well as bodyweight culture and go on from there.

also, even if you choose to do pure bodyweight exercises, compound movements targeting your major muscle groups (chest, back, legs) should still be the focus here.

good exercises to start off with would be pull ups, push ups, bodyweight squats. as you get better at these exercises, you can progress either by increasing your rep count, adding weights (ie. weighted vest) or increasing the technical difficulty of the exercise (ie. normal pushups -> one handed pushups).


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2 Jun 2011
That amount of reps you're doing is too little if you're going to consume whey after that. Your push-ups at 15 reps per set is too pathetic because in BMT you will hear 3rd sergeants saying "carry on twenty" every single day. If you want to survive Tekong, it's best if you push yourself to at least 20 per set.

For bridging, 1 set for me would be 2mins on both arms, 1min on the left arm, and 1min on the right arm. I would do 3 or 4 sets of bridge. These are good for the obliques. Obliques are highly used for human flags.


19 Jul 2011
You can try to do a variety of push ups too, eg diamond, spider, wide, narrow.
If possible, add in pull ups and dips, these two exercises are going to make your upper body work alot more than the push ups are going to.


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22 Apr 2013
Check out's many home fitness programs. All of them can be done at home, some need equipments, some don't.
Excellent programs to get you started - follow the video, follow the schedule, eat right (Shakeology), and you will not go wrong.