Anyone looking to get their desired physique? Freelance personal trainer here

Discussion in 'Find a Fitness Instructor' started by Dex Tey, 18 Apr 2014.

  1. Dex Tey

    Dex Tey Member

    Hi guys, I'm a certified freelance personal trainer specialized in weight loss, lean mass building or even just for general health and wellness. I'm a local competitive bodybuilding and have won several titles under my belt. I will provide a customized diet plan just for you and guaranteed results. Picture speaks a thousand words. To cut short, please check out my facebook profile or instagram @dexblade. For more enquiries regarding 1 to 1 personal training, drop me a pm guys :)

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  2. craymond chan

    craymond chan Member

    Hi, i am actually looking for a personal and i am currently serving the NS right now... do you help NSFs' ?
  3. Gnetnaux

    Gnetnaux New Member

    Hi there, would like to find out more thanks
  4. gymcello

    gymcello New Member

    Please pM me. I'm keen thanks!
  5. gymcello

    gymcello New Member

    by the way, your Facebook doesn't seem to work...
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  6. Dex Tey

    Dex Tey Member

  7. Dex Tey

    Dex Tey Member

  8. Gnetnaux

    Gnetnaux New Member

  9. gymcello

    gymcello New Member

    Dex can you PM me? Would like to take this further on whatsapp.
  10. Owenkxw

    Owenkxw New Member

    could you pm me for more details
  11. Clive ong

    Clive ong New Member

    Hi, im keen

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