Anyone looking to get their desired physique? Freelance personal trainer here

Dex Tey

18 Apr 2014
Hi guys, I'm a certified freelance personal trainer specialized in weight loss, lean mass building or even just for general health and wellness. I'm a local competitive bodybuilding and have won several titles under my belt. I will provide a customized diet plan just for you and guaranteed results. Picture speaks a thousand words. To cut short, please check out my facebook profile or instagram @dexblade. For more enquiries regarding 1 to 1 personal training, drop me a pm guys :)



14 Apr 2015
Hey saw your post on gymkaki! I’m looking to get in shape by end of the year. I’m a current member with FF however I freeze my membership for September already and I can switch gym anytime. I know I need someone to push me a lot and monitor me closely because I have commitment issue and I may tend to give up if I don’t see results. My biggest issue is dieting. I need meal plans and tell me what can eat what cannot eat and what are the alternatives, so if the trainer is certified in nutrition or he’s a dietitian or he has ample knowledge in it will be great. Since I’m in sales, I do have to go for meals from time to time, so alternatives are important. Lastly, will be awesome if the trainer is trained in sports massage as well. Will want an all in one Trainer. I will want a male trainer with great physique as that will provide me more confidence as well. I have tried many PT from other clubs and freelancer previously but nothing seemed to work. Will really want to work things out this time. Will be great if I can speak to the trainer directly to see if there is chemistry and rapport as well because coming to gym might be a chore so if I can find a trainer that can click will be important as well!

can you contact me at 81824972