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Discussion in 'West' started by rplim17, 12 Jul 2017.

  1. rplim17

    rplim17 New Member

    Looking for Anytime Fitness gym buddy in the west.
    I'm fairly new to gymming, but im motivated af.
    Just not sure what workouts to do. Hoping to find someone to guide me and train together!
    Im nearest to Bt Panjang's anytime fitness, but im willing to travel to any Anytime Fitness in the west!

    29/m here. Not in a terrible shape but can be whipped into a monster (I hope)
  2. Shaun Zhang

    Shaun Zhang New Member

    Hi, I'm interested. wanna work out together?
  3. Howard Toh

    Howard Toh New Member

    Hi, are you still looking for a workout buddy?? Want to workout together?? I also go to the AF at bukit panjang :)
  4. Lucas Ong

    Lucas Ong Member

    Im in the west too.
    Frequent bt batok/timah and and jurong west branches
  5. RorensuShimu

    RorensuShimu Member

    Hi, still looking for a gym buddy?

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