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Discussion in 'Central / South' started by Jadedblob, 1 Apr 2019.

  1. Jadedblob

    Jadedblob New Member


    I am looking for a gym buddy at anytime fitness at Nex/Amk to motivate each other in working out. I’m a complete beginner and a female so I guess you would have to not mind that.
  2. Cmond

    Cmond New Member

    Hi are you keen in joining me to workout?
  3. Jadedblob

    Jadedblob New Member

    Hi there!
    What do you usually do at the gym?
  4. dell

    dell New Member

    Hi! I’m also female and also a beginner(of sorts? Unfit! Unfit! ) looking for gym buddy/buddies.

    Can I join either one of you? Cardio: I can only do crosstrainers or upright stationary bike. But I’m mostly there to do weights. Would be nice to have a spotter or additional motivation.
  5. Cmond

    Cmond New Member

    I would normally workout with the machines but if you wish to we could do what you want too.
  6. Alfie

    Alfie Member

    Hi can i join u guys becoz i signed up for af but doesnt seem to have the discipline to go regularly. Would be great if can keep one another in check?

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