WTB Anytime Fitness or True Fitness Membership

Discussion in 'Gym Membership Singapore' started by VDragoon, 24 Jul 2018.

  1. VDragoon

    VDragoon Member

    Hi, looking for ANYTIME FITNESS or TRUE FITNESS (Queensway / Rivervalley area) valid until end of the year (preferrably) OR maximum upto June 2019.

    Just drop me message with your contact number. I will contact you.
    Thank you
  2. Cindyqq

    Cindyqq New Member

  3. VDragoon

    VDragoon Member

    I am not selling....
  4. pqrstuv

    pqrstuv New Member

    Hi am selling but the membership is until March 2020. If keen please lemme know! I can pay the transfer fees.
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  5. Cindyqq

    Cindyqq New Member

    Hi pqrstuv, may I know what is the price you are selling. Tks
  6. pqrstuv

    pqrstuv New Member

    Hi Cindyqq

    Each month is $88 for the package I am paying now. Not charging anything from my end.
  7. Cindyqq

    Cindyqq New Member

    Hi pqrstuv

    Is the price still can negotiable. Tks
  8. Rikiko

    Rikiko New Member

    I am selling please contact me
  9. Cindyqq

    Cindyqq New Member

    Hi Rikiko may I know how much you are selling. tks
  10. Rikiko

    Rikiko New Member

    120 per month, my membership end Jan 2019. I will absorb the transfer fee
  11. Cindyqq

    Cindyqq New Member

    Hi Rikiko

    $120 per month is a bit too expensive cannot make it slightly lower.
  12. 147

    147 New Member


    Membership ended in Dec 2020, 24 Months plus left. Average is $75 a month. Cover all Gym island wide.
    Transfer 120 cover by u.
    PRICE - 1800, TRANSFER FEE 120

    SMS - 91398840

    Can deal anytime..
  13. Natt59

    Natt59 New Member

    Hi! I have a True fitness membership which is $88/month and valid till December 2019.
    You can go for unlimited classes they provide.
    If you are interested I can transfer the membership to you

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