Aqua Spin - Aqua Aerobics Classes in Singapore


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1 Jun 2011
Aqua Spin is the popular European fitness craze, a water-based fitness session, designed to provide a whole new workout experience. Aqua Spin’s classes will have you spinning in a stationary position underwater, harnessing the intrinsic worth of water – buoyancy and resistance – to help you perform intensive yet gentle exercise motions. With this unique workout, you’ll burn up to three times more calories than you would with land-based exercises, burning up to 800 calories per hour. Other benefits of underwater spinning include better blood circulation, reduced risk of varicose veins and water retention, improved cardio fitness and muscle strength, and effective cellulite breakdown and body toning. Underwater spinning is ideal for everybody, from those looking for a challenge to individuals seeking rehabilitation.

Aqua Spin currently holds classes open to the public at the;

Hollandse Club - 22 Camden Park, (Off Adam Road), Singapore 299814
Singapore Polo Club - 80 Mt Pleasant Rd, Singapore 298334

Places are limited, please contact Alicia – 9698 9202 or email to book a trial.