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Calvin Kang

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23 Mar 2017
Hey everyone,

I am Calvin Kang, a national track & field sprinter and I am on quest to break the 100m National Record this year. The love of elite sport, fitness and health is under my belt. I have embarked on a journey to also impart my experience and knowledge into helping others to reach their goals (weight loss, muscle toning, building confidence in the gym etc)

I am offering my personal fitness/ training services that not only encompasses the basics but I will also impart knowledge that I have gained in my 4 years at NTU Sports Science & Management course and my 15 years being in the Singapore National Team. I have represented Singapore at the Olympics, Worl Championships, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and the SEA Games. I am also an individual that loves challenges and have developed an entrepreneur spirit and I love to see growth in individuals, businesses.

The working relationship will be a dynamic one with many new methods of training and focus on bettering yourself.

I am offering a special offer @S$80/ session + free consultation on my first session.

Book your session today at

Attached are 2 questionnaires that you can fill up for me to know you better

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Calvin Kang