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3 Jun 2011
Knowing your body type, is without a doubt one of the most important weight loss secrets that can help you to create permanent fat loss.

This one simple distinction can make the biggest difference in the way you approach weight loss secrets from now on. Knowing your body type is part of your current reality. When you know exactly where you stand, you can choose the most effective steps toward your goals! Without knowing where you are, it will be difficult to choose your next step! This is the most important reason why knowing your body type is one the most effective weight loss secrets! It helps you to choose the steps that eventually will help you to create your major health goal.

Once you know your inherited and physiological characteristics, you can custom tailor your weight loss program taking into account the unique genetics that you were born with! Knowing your body type allows you to design the ultimate nutrition and exercise strategy for accomplishing your major health goal. Once you are aware of your body type you can adjust your weight loss secrets approach to include the right daily calorie intake, nutrient ratio, meal frequency, meal timing, plus cardio and weight training. But the most important distinction that you will make is that you can tremendously improve your physique no matter where you will be starting from. Where you are today is only your starting point!

By focusing on the result that you want to create in the future and knowing the body type that you were born with, you can design a step by step plan that will help you to create the body of your dreams!

This plan will consist of the following elements:
  1. consuming the optimum daily calorie intake
  2. using the right nutrient ratio for your body type
  3. using an effective meal frequency and timing approach
  4. doing cardio to burn unwanted body fat directly
  5. doing weight training to maintain you muscle, and keep yourmetabolism elevated while losing weight

These elements of an effective weight loss strategy are all under your control, and taking these small steps on a daily basis will help you to reach your ideal weight!

The Person Behind Somatotyping
Dr. William H. Sheldon, is the person that is responsible for developing somatotyping, which is simply a classification system for human body types. In the 1930’s and 1940’s he did extensive research, using over 40,000 photographs and interviewing hundreds of people. The three basic body types that he identified were endomorphs, mesomorphs and ectomorphs. And even though most people have a mixed body type, in most people one body type is still dominant.

Dr. Sheldon also developed a 7 point scale, for determining the degree to which each person held attributes of each body type. For example, an extreme mesomorph (who gains muscle and loses body fat easily) would score Endomorph – 1, Mesomorph – 7, and Ectomorph – 1.

Most People Have Mixed Body Types
Combination body types are very common, for example an ectomorphic mesomorph (ecto-mesomorph), would score Endomorph–1. Mesomorph–4, and Ectomorph–5. Many basketball players have this body type, being tall, with very low body fat, and good muscle definition. It is also common to see a person with an upper body of an endomorph, and a lower body of an ectomorph. Or any other combination of the three main body types. What is most important is to actually know which dominant body type you have. Weight loss secrets such as this, can help you to individualize your weight loss program and reach some impressive long term results!

Now let's go over the three dominant body types and see the major characteristics that each one has.

The Endomorph:
The endomorphs are the people who struggle to lose body fat. They have slow metabolisms and store fat very easily. They usually tend to be medium to large framed, and have medium to large joints. Many endomorphs have varying degrees of carbohydrate sensitivity and insulin resistance. Food consisting of processed and refined carbohydrates (white flour and white sugar) have detrimental effects for the endomorph and easily convert to body fat. If you gain weight easily and have difficulties in losing unwanted body fat, it is very likely that you have an endomorph dominant body type. This is the body type that I was born with, and my weight loss program is designed especially for people that have similar physiological characteristics. If this weight loss program is followed on a daily basis, creating a lean, healthy body, is very realistic, but you will have to be patient, because losing unwanted body fat is a slow process. There is no such thing as quick and fast fat loss, at least not for people with endomorph dominant body types! Taking small steps on a daily basis is what will create long term results for the endomorph, while using fast and quick approaches will most likely lead to a reversal in your success! This is why I recommend to use my weight loss secrets and to create a plan for slowly losing body fat. This is the best approach for creating long term weight loss results, when using this program!

The Best Approach For An Endomorph

The best nutrition strategy for the endomorph is to consume moderate amounts of natural complex carbohydrates, lean protein and good dietary fat on a daily basis. Endomorphs can't eat cheat meals frequently and get away with it. Their metabolisms are unforgiving, and poor nutrition habits always set them back. The endomorph has the most difficult time losing weight using a diet alone. Exercise is a must, because the endomorph needs a boost in metabolism that exercise provides in order to lose weight. Doing cardio training on a regular basis is simply a must for the endomorph to lose body fat! This is also one of the major weight loss secrets that I will cover in an upcoming section.

Extreme endomorphs, will even have a difficult time losing body fat with a proper nutrition and exercise program. For an extreme endomorph, carbohydrate restrictions with proper exercise programs have to be used before any substantial fat loss occurs. If you have an extreme endomorph dominant body type, you will simply have to eat a stricter diet, and exercise more. It does not matter where you start, if you want to reach your ideal weight, all you have to do is use the right approach taking into account your unique body type.

The Mesomorph:
Mesomorphs are the people who are naturally lean and muscular with small waists, broad shoulders, medium sized joints. They are the typical natural-born athletes and bodybuilders. Most of them were lean and muscular before they even started working out. This genetic gift, allows them to get away with eating whatever they want, and still remain lean and muscular without any ill-effects on their body composition. These are the people who are lucky and do not need to know any weight loss secrets. They can eat whatever they want, and as much as they want and not gain body fat. Which is why many of them forget about nutrition, and have unhealthy eating habits, that sometimes lead to other health problems.

The Ectomorph:
Ectomorphs are people who are skinny with small joints and a small waist. They are naturally lean, and just like the mesomorphs, they never have problems with excess body fat. Weight loss secrets are also not necessary for the ectomorph, most of them are searching for secrets how to actually gain weight! They are born with overly efficient metabolisms, and burn calories at an enormous rate!

No matter what body type you were born with, this is only your starting point. Simply include this information in the current reality at the bottom of your major health goal chart. This distinction will help you choose the right steps to take to create a lean, healthy body.

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