Be A Hot Yoga Instructor (Bikram Method Distance Learning Course)

Roxanne Goh

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13 May 2015

Take control of your own learning style & environment. Learn to be a professional, knowledgeable Hot Yoga Instructor or just to deepen your yoga practice & understanding.
  • Informative & strategically planned online training experience.
  • Study at your own pace in 7 months.
  • Be able to get on with your regular work & family life while pursuing your interest for hot yoga.
  • Access to keep in touch with the Training Director either at HQ or via Skype if not living in the same country.
This is the 1st of its kind in Singapore and absolutely perfect for people like yourself who find it hard to take a block of time off from your busy schedule to undertake a yoga teacher training course.

The best thing about HYA’s 500hrs Distance Learning Hot Yoga TT program is that within a 7-month period (or shorter if you are a fast learner), you can manage study and practice together with your family and work at your own pace, while checking in (either via Skype or face-to-face) with our Training Director for about an hour each month.

During the course, you will be required to memorise the 28-postures hot yoga dialogue, study other course modules (via online or through printed sources) and to attend the 9-day boot camp in order to graduate. You will have 7 months the latest to complete the course.

7 Key Areas of Study (must complete in 7 months or faster if you are a fast learner)
  1. Dialogue Study: Trainees have to memorize the dialogue verbatim at their own pace in 7 months.
  2. Teaching Methodology: A textbook with pictures will show you what/how postures should be executed. It includes principles of the yoga posture, assisting/correcting & commonly made mistakes.
  3. Yoga Anatomy & Physiology: includes presentation slides & Yoga Anatomy book and ONLINE program by Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews. Studies include the application of anatomy principles to a yoga practice (benefits, contraindications, healthy movement patterns, etc). You will have one-year access online for the videos and materials from Lesilie and Amy.
  4. Communication, Body Language, Presentation Skills: As a yoga teacher, your voice and your presence are important tools. This is why we place a lot of emphasis on communication & presentation skills. It includes reading materials from various websites and reference books.
  5. Yoga History, Philosophy, Ethics, Business Aspects & Other Theory: The study of yoga philosophy, history, yoga lifestyle and ethics of yoga, qualities of a yoga teacher & business aspects of teaching yoga.
  6. Practicum (Asana Training & Practice Techniques): Trainees are required to clock in 200 practice hours at any hot yoga studio in their location that offers the 28-posture hot yoga sequence. You need to show us a record of your practice hours from your studio.
  7. 9-Day Boot Camp, Final Assessment & Graduation: It is mandatory to attend the 9-day boot camp (location TBC somewhere in South East Asia) in order to graduate. Hot Yoga Alliance runs a few boot camps in a year, so you will have a chance to attend at least 1. During the boot camp, all the above 6 key areas of study will be revisited. There will be a final exam (teaching & theory) too.

Teaching and Certification
Once you complete the Distance Learning Hot Yoga Teacher Training program, you have to attend the 9-day boot camp to complete the necessary in-person yoga teacher training to complete all your requirements for your 500-hour hot yoga teacher certification with Hot Yoga Alliance.
If you decide to stay an additional 2 days in the boot camp (making it a 11-day boot camp), you will be able to learn and receive 1 more certification (Hot Yoga Alliance Functional Yoga Certificate). Additional course fees apply.
You will have the know-hows to practice safely and teach others in a range of diverse settings.
Our goal is to have all our HYA certified teachers to teach their 1st class with confidence and knowledge.

Your Training Investment
Your Investment in the Hot Yoga Alliance 500hrs Distance Learning Hot Yoga Teacher Training course is only SGD $7000.
Approximately additional SGD$1500 should be budgeted for 9-day boot camp. Additional fee if you stay extra 2 days for the HYA Functional Yoga certification.

Compulsory course materials: SGD $400 includes:
  • Dialogue textbook
  • Posture textbook
  • Yoga Anatomy textbook
  • Misc. worksheets
Additional shipping costs apply if you require us to ship the materials to your preferred location, otherwise these can be picked up from the time the course starts.

Your Next Steps
This amazing life changing experience is available for you to begin any time.
If you wish to confirm and begin the Hot Yoga Alliance 500hrs Distance Learning Hot Yoga TT, please submit your application online here :

Please feel free to enquire if you need more information.

For full course details, please contact us here:

This course is available for you to begin at any time. Click here to sign up today with the most prestigious training centre in South East Asia! For more information, please drop an email here:

We look forward to you training with Hot Yoga Alliance.