Benefits of Green Tea


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3 Jun 2011
Green tea has become a popular drink for those who want to shed some pounds. There are compounds within the tea that promote weight loss by increasing your metabolism. Aside from weight loss, green tea promotes a healthier body by killing bacteria present in the food you take in. Further studies show that green tea can also rid your body of bad cholesterol. It is a way to live with a healthier heart and a leaner physique. Although how tea influences cholesterol levels has never been explained in detail, studies have shown that certain compounds in green tea play a vital role in reducing the amount of unhealthy cholesterol absorbed.

Knowing that your body cannot process unhealthy food as well as it once did when you age, green tea helps you cope with the limitations your body now has. How does green tea help a person lose weight? It raises metabolic rates and speeds up fat oxidation. It also helps you with weight loss by suppressing your appetite and regulating your blood sugar. If you are a coffee addict, green tea makes a wonderful substitute. Although there is less caffeine present in the drink, so you will be just as energized.

Fact is, there are antioxidants present in green tea. For one thing, it has polyphenols. This is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight aging and disease. It also has one particular catechin that is very potent. This catechin contains more antioxidants than vitamins C and E. This helps you fight the free radicals present in your system. It removes the toxins that cause aging and disease. When taken regularly, green tea actually has the ability to lengthen your life.

People in Asia have been drinking green tea for well over 4,000 years. Medical research has recently confirmed what the Chinese have been saying for centuries now: that green tea contains catechins that help you lose weight and keep you feeling active and refreshed. Aside from that, green tea has L Theanine. This is an amino acid that has tranquilizing effects in the brain. It helps diminish stress and anxiety from your life. It also gives you the ability to focus and concentrate better. Just because it helps you relax doesn’t mean that you will eventually get drowsy. It simply calms you by increasing electrical brain activity commonly present when you are relaxed.

The biggest perk is in the fact that those who drink green tea often demonstrate a lower mortality rate. Could green tea stimulate the immune system? Very likely so, if the assumption were to be made based on the results of the study alone.

If you are suffering from any of health problems, start drinking green tea and see just how much it helps you. You will be amazed at the results. Just remember to purchase the freshest one you can find. Those found at the supermarket are good, but the better ones are available online. Where else will you find a drink that helps with weight loss, the prevention of diseases, and lowering cholesterol? Make it a habit to drink a cup or two everyday and see if you agree with the people who swear by it.

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