Benefits of pilates


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4 Jun 2011
"True strength" is how I refer to the balanced strength that Pilates training gives a body. At traditional gyms you can develop your pectorals, biceps and six-pack abdominals, but oftentimes the same workouts that build these muscle groups neglect the deeper, intrinsic muscles so necessary for true strength.


One of the most important benefits of Pilates is injury prevention. Sports, such baseball, football and golf, work the body asymmetrically, creating muscle imbalances. Such imbalances are the root of many injuries, much a like a car whose tires have not been rotated. A blowout can happen anytime, to either the tires or to the disc in your spine. Pilates corrects these imbalances and improves posture.


On the whole, Pilates can improve performance, strength and appearance. Joseph Pilates himself embodied the classical Greek ideal of male physique and performance into his 80's, and his system of life-enhancing physical exercises has been shown to balance the mind as well as the body, while incorporating breath work, to create an overall sense of wellbeing.

All of these benefits can be gained from exercising the Pilates way, regardless of your sex, age, level of fitness or training goals. Moreover, integrating Pilates into your workout can be as simple as checking out some mat classes, and routines can be customized to meet your specific needs when you work with a well-trained Pilates instructor.

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