Beware: Flasher in Tekka area!


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7 Jun 2011
A flasher is reportedly harassing people in Tekka area.
The man commits his acts of indecency in the area around Blk 15, Farrer Park Road. He is known to wear a long coat and flashes himself to people walking alone late at night.
A resident Mr Zhao (30, ad agency owner) tells reporters that he has encountered the flasher twice.

The first time was in March this year when he was returning home from work in the wee hours between 2am to 3am. Zhao had just gone into the lift when a man suddenly jumped in front of the lift and exposed himself just as the doors were closing. Momentarily stunned, Zhao only realised afterwards that the man was wearing only a coat and nothing else beneath.

The second time he encountered the flasher was about a month later. Zhao saw a shadow flit past one night and got a fright as he thought it was a ghost. Then he recognised that it was the same man wearing the same coat and engaging in the same act.

Zhao had spoken to his female tenant about the flasher, "I wanted to warn her to be careful, but it was too late, she had already encountered the flasher. She didn't dare to come back home anymore and moved out once her tenancy contract expired".

Zhao describes the flasher as a tanned, big-size man of about 1.75 metres tall and sporting a moustache.
He also described for reporters the flasher's modus operandi.

According to Zhao, the flasher harasses both men and women. The flasher will surprise men by appearing out of nowhere and expose himself before running off. For women, the flasher will tail them and expose himself when the woman turns around.

Zhao also noticed that the flasher appeared to be aroused when he exposed himself and even performs lewd actions during his act.

Readers, you have been warned. Beware the Farrer Park Road flasher!

Source: Lianhe Wanbao, 22 August 2011.