Video BLAQ Ninja


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2 Jun 2011
It's blaq ninja. Bar-tendaz as you can see, on the shirt. You see the bricks, it's what im sayin'. It's not, it's not blaq ninja for no reason. It's blaq ninja b'cos it's what I do. It's what I've been doin since I was 6 years old. On the bars, cal aesthetics (wtf??). Of course I beat the steel up too. And I beat the bricks up. And this is real bricks, and this is 20 pounds right here. This's a 20 pound concrete brick. Aint none... ain't nothin broken. It ain't no lines, no nothin'. That's what it is. Stay right there, and you'll see one that I broke earlier. You'll see what it is. This is real. THIS IS REAL BABY. This is the broken one. So it's not a game. You'll see what it is. Blaq ninja bar-tendaz all day baby.