Bodycomposition/Transformation Results based Trainer


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3 Sep 2020
Hello !

I am currently taking on clients whom are seeking for a body transformation where i provide results based transformation services.

My background:
  • Ex Trainer to the World's leading Personal Training Gym for 2 years ( Ultimate Performance Singapore)
  • Spent 6 months working across the Globe in the main HQ of Ultimate Performance London to learn from the best of the best for body transformation results
  • NCSF certified
  • Trained specifically for the services of Before/after time framed body transformations instead of a trainer that is simply trained to sell commercial packages.
My Services i provide:
  • Detailed Goal Settings and also daily check in's in which i provide a system for accountability and to ensure that we reach the end result
  • A fixated training location in the heart of the CBD where only strictly Trainer and clients are allowed ( no walk in members on the gymfloor)
  • Science based approach nutrition where cookie cutter copy paste plans are not in my books but rather calories and macronutrient meal plans are what i do best.
  • Starting you from Ground zero with the Strength training and ensuring that every training session is to allow you to execute and train hard with true intensity on the gymfloor.
  • Only results based transformation services.

if you have Goals that you would like to achieve,

Drop me a Message on instagram @jeroldlph or either Whatsapp me @90298690.
For email Enquiries: email me at :