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    Screenshot_20191011-065005_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20191011-065005_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20191011-065458_Instagram.jpg View attachment 6073 Screenshot_20191011-065444_Instagram.jpg View attachment 6073 Screenshot_20191011-065444_Instagram.jpg Brand New 1 pair with 2 knee sleeves

    7mm neoprene knee sleeves are ideal for static lifting and are a dense support that provides the knee joint strong compression, support, and warmth. Benefits include prevention of knee problems such as strains, overuse injuries, and swelling.

    Size Small, selling because it's too tight for me. Please see measurements from the picture attached.
    Retail at 35 USD, excludes shipping.
    ----Selling at 45 SGD----.
    Pm me or email me at live.loved.emily@gmail.com.

    Good for power lifting, gym, Crossfit, jogging, skiing etc.

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