Cakes are like ex-boyfriends


2 Nov 2011
I read somewhere once that cakes are like ex-boyfriends - they leave you unsatisfied, guilt-ridden and 5 kilograms heavier!I found that to be SO true although we all have different experiences and I suppose, like ex-boyfriends: cake also has its role to play. It is best to stock up on healthy snacks like seed and nut bars, granola bars, a variety of fruits, smoothies, yoghurt etc...A personal favorite is to snack on some raw or self-roasted almonds (just a small amount as it is high in fat, good fat but still fat...) and lots and lots of mixed berries with pro-biotic yogurt!

So, if you do hook up with that occasional fling, make sure it will not leave you crying into your pillow at night. Love your body by giving it food that will nourish it and sustain a true love.