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Discussion in 'West' started by Sara90, 12 Jun 2016.

  1. Sara90

    Sara90 Member

    Hey guys,
    Looking for gym buddy to workout together probably @ active sg cck gym. Pm me to help each other out. Also maybe can workout at othet gyms in the west side.
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  2. Keith.L

    Keith.L New Member

    Hey Sara, im looking for gym buddy to. If you do not mind, we can go to active sg JE gym.
  3. Hharesh

    Hharesh Member

    Hey, what time do you go to jurong east active sg gym?i do go there sometimes in the evenings.
  4. Sara90

    Sara90 Member

    Any workout at cck active sg gym?
  5. Nash543

    Nash543 New Member

    I am looking for gym buddy for cck
  6. ameer

    ameer New Member

    gym buddy for cck gymmboxx?
  7. Derrick8585

    Derrick8585 New Member

    Hi guys still looking for kakis?
  8. YvonnePinkPink

    YvonnePinkPink New Member

    hi i am looking for gym buddy
  9. Yan904

    Yan904 New Member

  10. Yan904

    Yan904 New Member

    Hey...probably we can workout together. I do workout at CCK sometimes. Most of the time Im at Gombak ActiveSg

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