WTS Celebrity Fitness Diamond Membership

Discussion in 'Gym Membership Malaysia' started by Wraithblade, 19 Sep 2019.

  1. Wraithblade

    Wraithblade New Member

    Gym: Celebrity Fitness Diamond Membership
    Membership valid till:

    Diamond lifetime membership: pay only RM99 per year for life.
    Access to all Celebrity Fitness clubs in Malaysia.
    Looking to sell for RM8,000 - negotiable.
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  2. Matt1018

    Matt1018 New Member

    What’s the best price?
  3. Wraithblade

    Wraithblade New Member

    Celebrity just confirmed that the membership is not transferable. Many apologies.
  4. Jowyonn

    Jowyonn New Member

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  5. Jowyonn

    Jowyonn New Member

    im interested but is there any way that u can transfer it? do pm me

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