WTB Celebrity Fitness Membership (Junction 10) Preferably 6 months or less

Discussion in 'Gym Membership Singapore' started by ilovegreentea, 12 Sep 2016.

  1. ilovegreentea

    ilovegreentea New Member

    Hi! I'm looking for a 6 months or less membership at Celebrity Fitness (Junction 10) branch! PM if you are letting go! Thanks!
  2. Glenn Tan

    Glenn Tan New Member

    hi i have 1 that is 9 months. will u accept? Its 99 a month
  3. NICHOEL0527

    NICHOEL0527 Member

    hello ,i"m one of celebrity fitness consultant here.i just send you a message .please check for your private message .
  4. suzie

    suzie New Member

    Hi , I looking for 1st month try in celebrity fitness(Junction 10) , do have any offer?
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  5. Hannie

    Hannie New Member

    Hi! I'm selling 10months worth of Celebrity fitness(Junction 10) only need to pay 8 months.
    $98 per month, therefore you only need to pay 8month x $98.
  6. GOLD

    GOLD Member

    Hello, i have bout 9months too @ 88$/mth
  7. Venkat

    Venkat New Member

    Hi! I am moving out of Singapore and want to transfer my Celebrity Fitness Membership. The membership will be renewed for a year from the new date of joining.

    I am currently registered at Junction 10 Plaza (Bukit Panjang, Singapore) but can be transferred to any of the other outlets in Singapore.

    There is no transferring/joining fee. The monthly rental is SGD95. (I think the monthly fee is close to 120-130 SGD for new joining). and new joinee need to pay additional 150SGD approx for membership whereas I am giving it away for free of cost (transfer)

    We can meetup at the J10 celebrity fitness gym to complete the transfer formalities.
  8. Hirae

    Hirae New Member

  9. Venkat

    Venkat New Member

    Hi Hirae,

    Thanks for your reply. I just mailed you. Awaiting to know your interest :)
  10. Kimberly ong

    Kimberly ong New Member

    $100 per month
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  11. sheryl

    sheryl Member

    Hi Kimberly, by any chance is this still available? Thanks :)
  12. Liew

    Liew Member

    Hi I have True Fitness membership.
    Contact me at 81970650 if you are interested.

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