WTS Celebrity Fitness Membership (Lifetime with no contract) for rent


30 Jun 2017
Gym: Celebrity Fitness Membership (Lifetime with no contract) for rent
Membership valid till:

Hi All,

Looking for a gym membership with no contract? No commitment? No hassle and best for value?
I'm looking for a "tenant" in taking up the membership and pay on monthly basis.
No transfer would be done in this membership rental and all you need to do is to enter the gym as me (only open for Chinese male -sorry no discrimination :D) & pay me monthly.
Benefit : much cheaper gym fees, only MYR180/Month with all club access (all clubs means all facilities in Msia and also overseas). You can stop renting by giving me 1 month in-advance notice.
Reason i'm giving this deal: I've moved to Sgp and there aren't any facilities over here.

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