Chocolate good for heart and brain


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4 Jun 2011
Aug. 29, 2011 (Paris) -- Chocoholics have reason to celebrate today: A large new study confirms that chocolate may be good for the heart and brain.

Regularly eating chocolate could cut the risk of heart disease and stroke by about one-third, says researcher Oscar H. Franco, MD, PhD, of the University of Cambridge in the U.K.

But before you indulge, a cautionary note: Chocolate bars, cookies, and drinks are high in sugar, fat, and calories, so eating too much can lead to weight gain and, you guessed it, heart disease. "Moderation is key," Franco tells WebMD.

Chocolate Linked to 37% Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Previous studies have suggested that chocolate may protect against high blood pressure and diabetes, both of which are risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

But no large-scale study has ever looked at whether chocolate actually reduces the risk of heart disease, Franco says.

So he and colleagues pooled the results of seven published studies involving more than 100,000 people that explored the association between chocolate and heart disease and strokes.

Results showed that people who ate the most chocolate had a 37% lower risk of heart disease and a 29% lower risk of stroke compared with people who ate the least amount of chocolate.

The findings were presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2011 and simultaneously published online at

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