WTS CLEARANCE SALE! Premium E-Coated Kettlebell - 20 KG. CHEAP! 5 remaining.

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21 Apr 2014
CLEARANCE SALE. Premium E-Coated Kettlebell - 20KG.
Usual: $120. Now:

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Deimos Athletics is proud to introduce our Premium E-Coated Kettlebell Series. Our kettlebells are a perfect balance of economy and performance.

Highly rust resistance due to its E-Coating. The chip resistant coating makes the handles smooth enough for long endurance workouts without irritating your hands yet our build in non-slip grip in the handles gives you the right amount of friction for your most devastating workouts.

Clearance from the handles to the bells allow for optimal bone stacking in snatch and press lifts, and the obtuse shape of the handle is perfect for work gripping the horns.

FREE Kettlebell E-Book by renowned kettlebell trainer, Mike Mahler with every purchase!

Enjoy greater value for money if you purchase our 20 KG E-coated pair at $170. Usual: $240

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Or go to our website for more Kettlebells deals and promotions.

Please feel free to PM me or contact me at 8500 6989(Don) if you're interested or have any questions!