Colon Cleansing Benefits and Side Effects


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3 Jun 2011
Colon cleansing in its real sense is a natural process by which our body eliminates all the waste products. Colon is the last part of the digestive tract and it is in here that the food we take gets finally deposited. Water and salt absorption takes place in the large intestine. And what remains is pushed on to the tip of the large intestine known as colon. Colon dysfunction results in delayed elimination of these waste products which become toxic wastes as time goes on. The situation is generally termed as constipation. Constipation is a condition that can be a cause as well as an effect of several underlying health issues or diseases, mostly related to digestion. It is one of the most common problems seen in almost 70 percent of the adults.

Intake of less water and fiber can cause constipation. Delayed and irregular bowel movement is the main symptom and as the disease aggravates, it causes pain and discomfort. Constipation even in its milder form can cause lot of impact on one’s health. The toxins stored in the form of waste products in the colon leads to gradual poisoning of the entire system. It further inhibits the process of digestion and causes deposition of newer toxins generated as byproducts of digestion. These toxins blocked in the body cause weakness, headache, nausea and fatigue. It slows down the processing capacity of various organs and thus disrupts the natural rhythm of the body. It also adversely affects the skin making it look paler. Under such cases colon cleansing becomes essential. A thorough cleansing can relieve the digestive system almost instantaneously. However, proper treatment and care should be continued in order to maintain the cleansing process.

Colon cleansing can be accomplished in two different methods, each of them carries their own advantages and disadvantages. The first technique is clinical colon cleansing which is done by administrating an enema. This is done by injecting medicated lubricants into the patient’s colon. This solution helps in lubricating the hardened toxic materials. Following the process, the bowels react immediately by pushing out the waste products. This is a fairly safe procedure undertaken in case of severe constipation. The procedure instantly frees the patient from the pain and discomfort caused by the constipation. However, the downside of this form of treatment is that it does not help the patient in treating his constipation problem. It is a one time affair and it has no future benefits.

The second and the most common method used for colon cleansing is oral medication. Oral pills known as laxatives or stool softeners can help the patient in having an easy bowel movement. Stronger drugs work fast and give a result within 4 to 5 hours while some take around 10 hours. Herbal medicines are also available either in liquid or pill form and many people prefer them over chemical products. This method is easy and effective but it may cause side effects in some patients. Also, regular use of such drugs can make a person dependent on them, making it almost impossible to stop taking them.

Written by: Jacob K
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