Digital Pen XN302I for Ipad + Sandisk Ultra USB/SD card Promo

20 Jan 2012

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Sandisk Ultra USB Flash Drive - Fast Transfer Speeds for Photos, Videos, and More
Thanks to data transfer speeds of up to 15 MB/s, the SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive lets you quickly move photos, videos, MP3 files, spreadsheets, and other digital files to and from your computer. Its simple slider design protects the drive without a cap to keep track of.
SanDisk Standard SDHC 32 GB memory card
Capture and store all your memories with the affordable and reliable
SanDisk Ultra SDHC. fast transfer speeds of up to 15MB/second .​
So fast, you'll never miss a shot. So rugged, environmental conditions are never a problem.. This card is perfect for advanced photographers who require high-performance cards to quickly shoot many high-resolution images.
Best Value Bundle In Town
Free Delivery, No Minimum Order

SanDisk Ultra(15mb/s) SanDisk SD card Bundle
16GB $19.90 + 32GB $38.90 = $53.90
Normal$29 Normal $58 $87
You Saved $33.10

32GB $39.90 + 32GB $38.90 = $73.80
Normal$55 Normal $58 $113
You Saved $39.20

64GB $72.90 + 32GB $38.90 = $106.80
Normal$100 Normal$58 $158
You Saved $51.20
SanDiskUltra(15mb/s) SanDisk Ultra SD(15mb/s) Bundle
16GB $19.90 + 32GB $54.90 = $69.80
Normal$29 Normal $68 $ 97
You Saved $27.20

32GB $39.90 + 32GB $54.90 = $89.80
Normal$55 Normal $68 $123
You Saved $33.20

64GB $72.90 + 32GB $54.90 = $122.80
Normal $100 Normal $68 $ 168
You Saved $45.20
  • Transfer speeds of files at up to 15 MB/s
  • Includes SanDisk SecureAccess software to protect your private files
  • Optional online file storage offered by YuuWaa
  • 16 GB* capacity
  • Protective slider design
  • 5year limited warranty
  • Free Registered Delivery
  • No Minimum order
  • 56.9 X 21.59 X 10.41mm
16GB 32GB 64Gb
Approx- Approx- Approx-
22.900 Photos* or 45,800 Photos* or 91,600 Photos* or
15,300 Songs** 30,700 Songs** 61,400 Songs**

Apen XN302i Now $129 Normal $169
You Saved $40
  • Smart Input Device, Dongle Type Receiver, plug in and write freely on iPad screen
  • Handwriting meeting memo, handwriting emails, formulas, graphics, diagram can be input on iPad freely
  • Turn your iPad into a powerful drawing tablet
  • Photo sketcher on jpg pictures on iPad screen
For Fun You can do freehand drawing and graffiti freely on iPad

For Study You can input formulas, drawings etc. which can not be done by keyboard

For Work You can do handwriting meeting memo, email, e-signature freely

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New Member
17 Dec 2012
This is such a nice information about Digital pens. This sandisk pen is really the best to buy from online stores to get better discount than market. Nowadays this kind of digital pens are really useful for all people to transfer the data.