Discrimination terminated as a memebership by Fitness First Malaysia

Peter Soong

22 Jun 2017
I had been, unfairness & discrimination, terminated by fitness first Malaysia., without calling a hearing , explanation and reason. The Area manager, Rayyaan Khan of Fitness first,Malaysia, had given a call to me that I was recorded in wrongdoing & terminated with immediately effect.

The case was that there was a member whom I does know not him, and for no reason that he spoke vulgar words, and showed finger sign to me for few times, and I had made a report to the club manager, Ray, FF central, unfortunately, he did not stop him and continue to disturb me until, I was accelerate my anger, scolded him in vulgar words, subsequently, I was terminated, but no him. Apparently, the FF Area manager, Rayyaan, is in practicing biased, favourtism & double Standard , in politically, want me to leave the gym for protecting his people. And perhaps this is what the FF management practicing and treating in favour of certain members and in expense of others.

Please kindly give your opinions, thank you
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