Ditch that popcorn for some nuts next time you're at the movies


30 Nov 2012
There are plenty of zombie movies out there and many seem to be coming up. But one lesson you can take from all these movies is that a bad diet will lead to you being as brain dead as a Zombie.

Our brains need nutrients and a healthy diet in order for it to function at optimum levels. High-powered brain foods contain complex carbohydrates, fiber, lean protein and unsaturated fats, and these needs can be satisfied with a diet rich with fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, fish and good quality meats.

Processed foods rich with unsaturated fats on the other hand have been recently found to lead to long-term mental problems, besides the physical issues of obesity and heart disease. These effects stem from a far too regular diet of potato chips, fast food, and sweets.

So the next time you catch a Zombie movie, how about ditching the soda for a bottle of water and popcorn for some mixed nuts to keep your brain alive and kicking!
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1 Oct 2011
mixed nuts not available near many theatres. also it makes ur throat real dry after awhile. #justsaying