Do Nothing for 2 Minutes


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1 Aug 2011
Do Nothing for 2 Minutes


This website poses a simple challenge : You must do nothing but gaze at a beautiful sunset while you listen to an audio track of ocean waves - for two whole minutes.

During that time you may not touch your keyboard or mouse. The task is not as easy as it seems.

I find this particular effective when you have an objective to complete, either online or offline, but you end up wasting time wandering around aimlessly on the Internet (facebook, random websites, random youtube videos, back to facebook again, youtube, etc). The 2 minutes feels excruciating long as you feel the urge to start accomplishing something again, be it clicking or navigating away from the page. So this works to pull the brakes once I start falling into the cycle of surfing around the Net aimlessly and wasting time.

Hope it helps someone :D