Does Sweating Help You Lose Weight?


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3 Jun 2011
Many people do not like sweating. Actually, statistics say that at least 80% of my female clients can't really bother it, and around half the mean seem to find it pretty disgusting as well.The think it's icky, germ-infested, and awkward. In fact, many of my clients apologize to me for sweating. Well don't feel sorry for it and say proudly: I LOVE sweating. Okay, I don't LOVE touching your sweat (although it really doesn't disturb me), what I mean is I love the feeling of getting a good sweat up in my own workouts.

It is hard to remember whether I'm just kind of peculiar and have always been this way, or whether my pleasure at each sweat drop is a result of my knowledge, hard work about its many advantages. To me, sweat feels like success. It feels like mission accomplished. It tastes like detoxification (I don't deliberately taste it, it just sneaks in sometimes). And I know it means I'm keeping my body healthy both inside and out.

Sweating help you lose weight, do you think so? The short answer is yes, absolutely. Let me explain. First off, it is a misconception that only overweight or unfit people sweat, and you should understand it. But the truth is that the fitter you are, the more you'll sweat. So if feeling and looking amazing is your goal, then you better start loving that annoying salty drip. As you fitness goes up, the sweat helps to keep you cool. This is just like your body's inbuilt air-conditioner. By keeping you cool, the sweat allows you to train harder, and for longer. And the Outcome is you will burn more fats.

I think this is an indirect way to say that sweating helps you lose weight,so let's take a look at the direct consequence of a good sweat, namely detoxification. This is directly related to weight loss. Do you have any experience to be around with somebody who really and truly stinks the place up when they're sweating? You know the types - they always seem to have at least 2 meters of space around them in every direction, regardless of how busy the gym is. The more you stink when you sweat, the more toxic you are, and the more you need to sweat. This might be the effect caused by having unhealthy eating choices at the weekend party. Strong spices and herbs can also change the smell of your sweat momentarily. Whatever the cause, sweat (along with more water and cleaner food) is the simplest way to purify your insides. And this directly impacts your weight because toxins (yep, all of 'em), are stored in your fat cells, causing them to expand. To keep safe your Important organs, fats absorb those toxins in them.

So how do you put this into action? The best way to get your sweat on is with a great workout. What I want to say is don't think that a couple hours in the sauna, or wrapping yourself in cling-wrap under your clothes, will do the job. These kinds of excessive crazy activities can certainly result in some short-term weight loss, but a lot of it will be water and in the long run they'll stop working for you. A sauna or steam room is a great complement to a good workout, and can certainly speed up detoxification, but it's not designed to be used for lengthy periods of time. One of the reasons a truly sweaty workout burns fat is because the sweat advantages are combined with the exercise benefits. Bikram (hot) Yoga is a perfect example of this, but so is any decent gym session. So don't get me wrong - sweating is not a magic or quick fix.

If you really want to get rid of a few pounds, in my suggestion the best way to do it is still good nutrition, smart exercise, and proper supplementation for your hormonal type. The sweat factor just gets you there a little faster, a little fitter, and a little cleaner on the inside. So before wiping out your sweat, just think how lucky you are that your intelligent body is helping you to reduce some extra pounds. Sweat is there for a reason, and if fitness is your goal then it's most certainly there to stay - so start lapping it up.

By Katrina Eden

Kat Eden is a Personal Trainer and Health/Performance Coach from Australia. Get in touch with her and learn about []Bio-signature Modulation for appropriate supplementation for your hormonal type. You can also send her Email or RSS by simply []clicking here.

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