Eat after running?


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1 Jun 2011
I have heard from my friends that is it best to eat within 45mins after an intense exercise; in this case running im referring to. As muscles burn faster than fats, the recent intake will prevent the muscles from breaking down?

If so, how much do I have to eat? A small snack or a normal? Or this is totally bull?:confused:

Also, another quick question.

I know I have to run roughly 20mins or more to say that I have effective done cardio workout. Then again, what if I am running an IPPT speed for my first 2.4km and then continue to finish up a few more rounds to lets say 5-8km.
Well honestly it takes roughly 20-25m but I feel kind of shag.
Would that be equivalent to a good work out? I mean its the intensity right?:confused:


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1 Jun 2011
How much to eat? I think a small snack would do, to replenish some lost energy!

20-25mins for 5km means ure running around silver timing eh. I think it would be a good workout if u feel u really worked yourself. And ultimately see some results from it