Eat Healthier With These 5 Tips


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3 Jun 2011
Here are some easy tips for eating and living healthier that anyone can start using right away. Healthy living will increase life expectancy as well as quality of life for those able to create good habits and make natural healthy living a focus. Below are our favorite tips that will make a difference in your overall health.

1) Eat Slowly

Slowing down your food intake can drastically reduce the volume of food you consume without making you feel like you are starving. Savor your food as you eat and aim to chew between 20 and 25 times before swallowing. The breakdown of food starts in your mouth and this step is a vital part of the digestive process. Eating too fast encourages overindulging and puts more work on your internal digestive organs to break down food that wasn't properly chewed.

2) Get Lots of Color in Your Meals

Aim to add more color in your daily meals through your fruit and vegetable intake. Colorful fruits are full of nutrients and vitamins that will help you feel and even appear more healthy and vibrant. Talk to your doctor about any vitamins or nutrients you may not be getting enough of and try supplementing your diet plan with natural foods to help ward off sickness.

3) Consume Smaller Portions

Eating more often with smaller portions is a simple way to help increase your metabolism and regulate blood sugar. Eating more frequently means that your system will be constantly processing the food which will increase the metabolism and lead to more burned calories. Lighter meals don't tend to make you as full or stretch your stomach so your stomach will actually shrink making you look better too. Get started early in the morning with a healthy breakfast like oatmeal to get your system burning calories.

4) Stay Away from Refined and Processed Foods

When grocery shopping try to remember to stay on the outer areas of the supermarket. The middle of the store typically contains the bulk of the heavily processed foods that are boxed or canned and that have all the preservatives to go along with them. Doing the bulk of your shopping outside the main aisles will give you access to the fresh bakery, produce and meat items that are healthier for your body.

5) Find a Diet Program that Fits You

Find a health or diet program that fits your lifestyle and goals and use the program to help keep yourself on track. If your goal is weight loss there are many well-known programs like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, but if your goal is wellness and health you may want to try a natural cleansing diet like the anti Candida diet. The Candida diet is a natural diet targeted at cleansing the body from Candida yeast which can cause achy joints, gas, bloating, depression and many other symptoms. Many times these symptoms are an indicator that the body is out of balance and a detox diet can help get you back to healthy living.