Enjoy increase Speed n Performance

20 Jan 2012

Enjoy increase Speed and Performance

SSD Upgrade Promotion from $199
(SSD +OS Migration + System Service) * Normal $269
Imagine your Windows 7 boots up as fast as 21 seconds
or transferred a 5GB video file in 15 seconds.

ADATA S511 Solid State Drives- The Perfect Hard Drive Replacement

Why upgrade to SSD
- It boots up 25X faster

- Start Applications in seconds

- It's almost completely silent

- Reduce Power consumption
(Longer Notebook Battery life)

- Saving you time and enabling
you to achieve more

SSD vs HDD Demo
Bootup Speed

Game Loading Speed

*Price vary with SSD capacity
*OS migration is on best effort basis. In the event of failed migration. Reinstallation of OS is required.
*SSD migration is recommended for Windows 7
*HDD capacity must be less than targeted SSD capacity. Backup and removal of data from
HDD is required before migration.

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