Ever wondered what goes into your Bubble Tea?


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4 Jun 2011
Have you ever stopped to think what exactly goes into your favourite cup of Almond Milk Tea with Egg Pudding and Pearls? How many calories there are in all those pearls? Read on, because we’re going to give you the low-down on your favourite guilty pleasure.


What goes into your Bubble Tea?
The drink itself is made up of flavouring, powdered creamer, sugar syrup, and tea. Instead of using fresh milk, many bubble tea makers use creamers because they’re cheaper and easier to store.

These creamers are essentially made up of trans fats, which increase your risk of heart disease, lower your good cholesterol levels, and raise your bad ones.

Still not worried yet? Read on.

The pearls in bubble tea are made of tapioca, sweet potato, cassava roots, and sugar. (Read: Carbs, carbs, and more carbs.) Bubble tea contains a total of 20 grams of fat and 80 grams of carbohydrates. Two words: empty calories!

How many calories are there, really?
Unfortunately, the main underlying ingredient of bubble tea is…cellulite. The average cup of bubble tea contains about 360 calories, with the pearls alone contributing about 200 calories.

According to WebMD, females should consume roughly 2000 calories a day while men should consume about 2500 calories (because men tend to have a higher metabolism than women…unfair!). If you do the math, polishing off that cup of bubble tea will easily take up about a quarter of your recommended calorie intake.

Also, if you don’t burn off all the fat you ingest, the cellulite will start to pile on. And by the way guys, it’s not just ladies who are susceptible to cellulite. The men can get it too.

How to cut the calories?
Now that you have been duly informed, here’re some tips to cut the calories when you decide to succumb to that cup of bubble tea:

1. Halve your portion of pearls (or better yet, go pearl-less)
Asking for half the portion of pearls will significantly cut down the calories that you consume. Not only do these pearls contain plenty of carbohydrates, they also contain an unhealthy amount sugar. It also doesn’t help that the pearls are soaked in sugar syrup before they’re poured into your drink.

2. Ask for less or no sugar
With about 10 tablespoons of sugar going into a cup of regular bubble tea, you can definitely afford to ask for less sugar. Your waistline will thank you.

3. Share a cup with your friend
If you like your drink extra pearly and sugary, opt to share the drink with a friend instead. Share the calories, and spare the waistline we say.

source: The Low-down on Bubble Tea | scene.sg
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