Sold Evolve MMA Gym Membership Transfer (KINEX) (valid till 6 Dec 2020)


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21 Feb 2020
Gym: Evolve MMA Gym Membership Transfer (KINEX)
Membership valid till: 6 Dec 2020

Looking to transfer my Evolve Gym membership (1-year, adult, prepaid) that ends on 6 Dec 2020 as I'll be away for the second half of the year.

Paid $4,224.36 for it. Looking to let it go for $2,850. Please note that this membership is only valid for the KINEX branch. I'm able to throw in a lightly used Evolve BJJ Gi too (A1 size) and a pair of boxing gloves.

WhatsApp me at 8-1-6-1-two-three-three-four if you have any queries.

Thank you.
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