WTS EVOLVE MMA membership 10+ months left (valid till 9 Dec 2020)

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    Gym: EVOLVE MMA membership 10+ months left
    Membership valid till: 9 Dec 2020

    Hi all, I'm selling my EVOLVE MMA membership that is valid till 9 December 2020, so there is still 10+ months left. I bought it for $4686 and I cannot attend it now because of a foot injury and even when I recover, my work schedule just makes it not worth for me to go once or twice a month.

    The place is truly amazing and you get to train among very motivated students and with world class instructors/champions, but I have no choice but to sell it now, looking at about $3900.

    The price comes with almost brand new gloves and hand wraps, and the membership grants you to the renowned gym and UNLIMITED classes for all martial arts (feel free to pack your schedule with classes!)

    If you wish, the price can be negotiated too so do hit me up if you wish to take on the membership!!

    Can WhatsApp me at: 96305467

    Price: $3900 for 10+ months (valid till 9 Dec 2020)

    Comes with:
    • 1 pair good-as-new boxing gloves
    • 1 pair hand wraps
    • Membership privileges

    • Far East Square - Amazing shower facilities and equipment
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