Exceptional Eggplants


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10 Jul 2013
Ez Fit Singapore Says,

Eggplant contains:
  1. Fiber that supports digestive-system, controls cholesterol and body-sugar and helps manage body-weight.
  2. Chlorogenic acid that effectively increases the immune system of the body.
  3. Nasunin an antioxidant that helps prevent cancer and delay aging.
  4. Vitamin A that supports vision, skin, gene-transcription and many more.
  5. Beta-carotene, a carotenoid that has many functions like strengthening immunity, skin, growth and repair of body, etc.
  6. Vitamin B6 that’s needed for immune system, cell and protein metabolism and formation of enzymes.
  7. Folate for production and maintenance of new cells.
  8. Vitamin C that supports immune system, collagen synthesis, antioxidantactivity and more.
  9. various minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous that play vital roles in the human system.
Eggplants are also a means for various beauty remedies.
  • See Freckles Fade-Apply few slices on the face and leave them on after rubbing them gently in circular motion and you can see freckles fading in just a week.
  • Say Goodbye to Warts- Cover the warts with a piece of eggplants, secure it with a bandage and leave it on overnight to see warts peel off within 2 weeks.
  • Regulate and Pamper Skin-A mask of eggplants blended with yoghurt for 20 minutes daily has an anti-ageing effect on the skin.
  • Gently Treat Your Hair-A scalp massage with eggplant paste leaves hair more vibrant and healthier.
So eat Eggplants.