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    Training don't have to be boring: At Extremer Gym we include Battle Rope, Sled, Kettle Bell, Medicine Ball, Slam Ball,Tyre, Sledge Hammer, Plyo Box,Pull Up Rig, Bumper Plate, Resistance Bands, Rope Climbing, Gymnastic Ring, Dip Belt, Abs Roller into the training routing so you can enjoy the process while getting your fitness goal.

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    10session: $600 (Starter Package to test water)
    36session: $2160 (Guarantee Result)

    Personal Training:

    For Client who are serious about total body transformation and taking their first step to a healthier lifestyle & a toned body.

    Our professional trainer will evaluate your current fitness level / lifestyle & eating habits / medical history and fitness goal before customising a training program that fits your current status and goal.

    Be it muscle building / leaner body / weight loss / improving cardiovascular fitness, our accredited personal trainers will work out a routine that deliver maximum results.

    More Information:
    Address: 116 Yio Chu Kang Road Singapore: 545582
    Contact: 68161724
    Web: www.extremergym.sg
    For Photos: www.facebook.com/pg/extremergym

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