Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android


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7 Jun 2011

Tired of going into the Facebook app just for its chat and messenging function ? The world’s most popular online social networking service has just unveiled its new Messenger standalone app which claims to be capable of allowing users to keep in touch with all their buddies in a much easier way.

The app will be available in iOS and Android flavours and according to a posting made by Facebook engineer Lucy Zhang on the official Facebook blog, the new Messenger app is designed to allow users the capability of sending messages to their friends on Facebook on or their mobile phone contact lists. All users have to do is to simply enter the recipient’s name into the app and it will return a list of possible contacts

The Messenger app is already available for download at the respective app repositories for both iOS and Android, no confirmations made whether Facebook plans to port the app to other popular mobile platforms such as Symbian, Windows Phone or Meego.


Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android