Facts About Increasing Your Metabolism


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3 Jun 2011
Do you know what metabolism is? It is probably true that you believe it is something you can not understand. This should not be so, because metabolism is a simple concept to comprehend. In a nut shell metabolism is the capacity with which your body breaks down calories. Did you get that?

Do you know that you can use three methods to speed up your body metabolism? These methods are through building your muscle mass, exercise and good dieting in the form of eating the recommended foods that aid metabolism.

If you want to increase your Basal Metabolic Rate which is the speed at which your metabolism runs then you need to work on your muscle mass. This is because on an average day the pound of muscles you have in your body single handedly breaks down about fifty calories.

Exercises such as running, swimming, jogging dancing and biking are forms of cardiovascular exercise you can indulge in to boost your metabolism. Cardio exercises are very vital in this respect because they help to use up much energy. This enables your body metabolism to speed up throughout the day or after the exercise.

Are you thinking of engaging on resistance exercise? To effectively carry out resistance training, always begin with a simple method that can be performed 3 to 4 times in a week, for 20 to about 30 minutes per session.

This will help increase your body metabolism and develop your muscles as well.

Food can only function as a catalyst to increase of body metabolism when combined with other specific kinds of foods. This means that different classes of foods have to be used in a particular way if an increase in body metabolism will be achieved.

The best method to apply in shedding weight is to increase the rate of the body's metabolism as much as possible to the highest rate you can get to. Doing this will be more beneficial than just reducing your calories intake.

You may be wondering about the best way to increase the speed of your body metabolism. The fact that you know the speed can be increased to a fast rate is the first step. All you need is to take action. Perform exercises, eat good food and maintain an active lifestyle.

A cardio exercise serves to intensify the rate of your heart beat. The greatest benefit of cardio exercise is that it helps to increase the body's metabolism and sustains it for about a whole day after the performance of the exercise.

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