Fancy spending 2 hours on the bus because the driver got lost?


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4 Sep 2011
After taking a detour to avoid a traffic jam, an SBS Transit bus driver lost his way, ending up taking more than 10 passengers on a more than two-hour journey.

Channel 8 news reporter Wu Liang Xiang happened to be on SBS bus service 52, which was headed toward Bishan from Jurong East interchange on Sunday.

While travelling along Bukit Timah road, its driver took a left turn off the road to avoid getting stuck in a congested section, but eventually lost his way, Wu reported in a video for the TV channel.

Watch the video here:

Passengers on board the bus at the time expressed their annoyance at the driver, telling Channel 8 that their time was being wasted.

The news bulletin also reported that a number of passengers on the bus offered to help provide directions to the driver, but were turned down because of a “need to follow the SBS control centre’s instructions”, leading some to lament that the driver and SBS Transit should be more flexible in situations like the one they were in.

“If our passengers are willing to help the driver, and most of us have already been stranded in the bus for about two hours, the control station should allow him to listen to our views,” said an English-speaking passenger in the video.

The report added that ComfortDelgro, which owns SBS Transit, has issued an apology, and are currently investigating the incident. The transportation company, which also controls Singapore’s largest fleet of taxis, has not yet responded to queries from Yahoo! Singapore.