FF Gym buddy @ J10 and Westgate

Discussion in 'West' started by BryanIsaac, 25 Dec 2018.

  1. BryanIsaac

    BryanIsaac New Member

    Hi, i just joined Fitness First and I'm looking for a buddy to go gym / classes together during off peak hours.
    My goal is to build mucles and lose abit of weight. I just started so consider as beginner level. :)
  2. Williaml

    Williaml Member

  3. Mei3381

    Mei3381 Member

  4. Sherman

    Sherman New Member

    I goes to J10 in the evening. If interested to be buddy work out let me know as I’m also new to the gym.
  5. Mei3381

    Mei3381 Member

    i only go Westgate mostly on Wed because of the dance class
  6. Jimmy Lim

    Jimmy Lim Member

    J10 on weekdays noon. can hit me up. i'm using doing free weights lifting

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