FF Gym buddy @ J10 and Westgate

Discussion in 'West' started by BryanIsaac, 25 Dec 2018.

  1. BryanIsaac

    BryanIsaac New Member

    Hi, i just joined Fitness First and I'm looking for a buddy to go gym / classes together during off peak hours.
    My goal is to build mucles and lose abit of weight. I just started so consider as beginner level. :)
  2. Williaml

    Williaml New Member

  3. Mei3381

    Mei3381 Member

  4. Sherman

    Sherman New Member

    I goes to J10 in the evening. If interested to be buddy work out let me know as I’m also new to the gym.
  5. Mei3381

    Mei3381 Member

    i only go Westgate mostly on Wed because of the dance class

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