Finding buddies that would put time and effort into me>.<

Jun Jie

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31 Jan 2015
hey guys,i'm planning to start workout and i didnt have any experience, well..i'm fat,a game addict and lazyyyyyy._.,i wanna lose weight and gain muscle to get some confidence since i'm bad at eng and many things and my body which pull my confidence down and sometime i get afraid of crowded area/new places + i dont talk much too>.< .I'm willing to put my best into this(everyday?i'm on holiday so yaxD)if i can take the hellish training that is x.x there still many things i dont know but willing to try,so i making a step forward to make a change,i would prefer to exercise at woodland/yishun clubfit(my family is poor>.<). and put time(may have hard time communicate with me>.> with my poor social skill) and grind me, if not we can both try to help eachother toward success(i can be quite a bured,so think over x.x)! I may be weird when we meet since i fear ppl and new places,but i sure will be fine as time goes! Fears are just matter of illusio, i shall push forward!
so anyone willing to join me?:3

do let me know at my hp number: 81895792
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15 Aug 2014
we can lift once on sat or Sunday at clubfit if you want. As I also train in my company gym. Can share knowledge also. If interested can wechat me my ID: vampcat
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