Fitness and fitness for performance - PT at your preferred location/schedule

Glen TBG

11 Dec 2015
Hi there!

I am a coach/trainer who specializes in fitness performance - helping laypeople to get fitter, as well as athletes to perform better, etc. If you are a sedentary person looking to improve fitness for overall better health and function (feeling more energetic, last longer, lift better, better mobility, better agility, faster, etc), intending to pass your IPPT or get gold, or you're an athlete seeking better performance through strength and conditioning, etc - Reach out to me for help!

About me:
  • Heavy background and experience with; calisthenics, powerlifting, olympic lifting, movnat (methode naturelle).
  • Possess professional working experience since 2010.
  • Worked with wide range of individuals from all walks of life.
  • Extensive formal and overall knowledge in nutrition and strength & conditioning for performance.
What I offer:
  • Various PT options available to generally suit many different budgets and needs.
  • I go to your preferred location/schedule to train you (Any location islandwide).
  • Science and evidence based PT and coaching.
  • Great value, great rates.
Contact me today for a chat: 98450655 (Call/SMS/WhatsApp) or email to . Full general up to date info on my website .